Selection and preparation for college can be daunting

College can be expensive. And the myriad of choices confuses most students. What is the best college for the best degree? And how do I get the best value for my money? Ultimately, how do I minimize my cost of education, and get the degree I really want? If you are asking yourself questions like these, then you should consider SEE Prep.

SEE Prep helps you answer
your questions

No longer must you anguish over decisions about college. SEE Prep helps you navigate the chaos of college, providing test prep and college selection guidance. SEE Prep provides support for the entire college selection experience.

Some of the issues we will help you with are

Mastering the ACT/SAT

While knowledge is important in testing, there are things you can learn about testing that can improve your scores. SEE Prep  not only helps you with your SAT and ACT scores, it also help students learn to critically think and improve their test scores in general.

Take a look at one of our videos that showcases how SEE Prep makes math simple.

In addition to SAT/ACT test prep, SEE Prep provides guidance in finding the right college.

Students enter information and preferences, then SEE Prep will recommend college solutions that fit your needs and budget. The simple truth is many students have no idea which college to choose. With thousands of college choices, how could you.

SEE Prep helps you narrow your choices based on factors important to you.

Now that SEE Prep helped you find the right college, the next step is to limit your financial exposure.

96% of the time, SEE Prep lowers what families planned on spending for higher education. In many cases, we were able to get students an unexpected full ride. See our examples.

3 Packages to Choose From

SEE Prep is your step-by-step guide to getting prepared, packaged, and positioned to go to college!

First, we help you set your college strategy. Next, we provide training for optimal SAT & ACT scores. Based on your strategy and scores, we help you select specific colleges that cater to your needs. Once your choices are made, we prepare and package you for your top colleges, including an admissions essay. Finally, we help you understand and optimize your college funding options.

SEE Prep includes three libraries: Student, Parent, and Webinar. These libraries offer additional resources and learning materials. And lastly, SEE Prep provides several checklists and a reference guide to help you stay on track.

SEE Prep Level 1 | $1250

  • A completely automated strategic college plan
  • Obtain higher test scores
  • Package and position yourself to top colleges
  • Learn strategies for scholarships grants, etc with NO LOANS!

Level 1 is available to unlimited participants

SEE Prep Level 2 | $2000

  • Includes level 1’s step by step process
  • Two private sessions with a college planning coach to
    discuss an i
    n-depth strategy based on your family’s personal needs to get you through the college planning process
  • Personal roadmap for every school year 
  • Four live webinars with Dr. Beasley

Level 2 is limited to 300 participants

SEE Prep Level 3 | $3000

  • Level 3 includes all aspects of levels one and two
  • Live monthly group coaching & training sessions with
    Dr. Beasley
  • Four closed Q&A webinars with Dr. Beasley
  • A private online group with email access to Dr. Beasley
    and his team

Level 3 is limited to 200 participants