Selection and preparation for college
can be daunting.

College can be expensive. And the myriad of choices confuses most students. What is the best college for the best degree? And how do I get the best value for my money? Ultimately, how do I minimize my cost of education, and get the degree I really want? If you are asking yourself questions like these, then you should consider SEE Prep.

SEE Prep helps you answer your questions


No longer must you anguish over decisions about college. SEE Prep helps you navigate the chaos of college, providing test prep and college selection guidance. SEE Prep provides support for the entire college selection experience.

Some of the issues we will help you with are

Mastering the ACT/SAT

Believe it or not, there are some tricks to help you get a better score.

Getting signed up and choosing
the right classes.

College enrollment can be daunting in itself. Between prerequisites, extra fees, and other miscellaneous issues, you can spend all day waiting in line only to find out that you forgot to fill out a form over in another building with another line. SEE Prep can help you avoid the frustration that comes with this.


We can help you figure out how to finance college with NO LOANS.

3 Packages to Choose From

College Planning Made Simple is your step-by-step guide to getting prepared, packaged, and positioned to go to college!

The program is broken into 7 phases and will walk you through each step. We will show you how to get a proper college strategy in place, take the SAT & ACT for optimal scores, select specific colleges that cater to your specific needs, prepare and package for your top choice colleges, craft an award-winning admissions essay, and how to optimize your college funding options. As a special bonus, we have created a Student library, a Parent library, and a Webinar library for additional resources and learning material.  Finally, we have created several checklists and a reference guide to help you stay on track and follow throughout the course so you don’t miss any of the steps.

College Planning Made Simple

  • A strategic college plan
  • Higher test scores
  • Packaging and positioning to top colleges
  • Strategies for scholarships, grants, and other sources of funding. NO LOANS!
  • Sound and professional advice to avoid the “college maze”

College Planning Made Simple Level 2

  • Level 1’s step-by-step video course
  • 2 private sessions with a senior coach
  • In-depth strategy plan based on your family’s personal needs to get you through the college planning process
  • Personal roadmap for every school year 
  • 4 live webinars with Dr. Beasley

Level 2 is limited to 300 participants

College Planning Made Simple Level 3

  • Level 1’s step-by-step video course
  • Level 2’s custom strategy package
  • Live monthly group coaching & training sessions with Dr. Beasley himself
  • 4 closed Q&A webinars with Dr. Beasley
  • A private online group with email access to Dr. Beasley and his team

Level 3 is limited to 200 participants